All Streaks Must Come To An End…

Seth Godin was right. The first 1,000 posts are the most difficult.

Over the past 2+ years, I’ve managed to cobble together a decent streak —and it’s been a genuine pleasure. Now though I’m looking to repurpose much of my blogging time towards new skills in music, video creation and education. I’ll still post regularly but the daily posts will end here. Streaks are massively powerful…but alas, not always compatible with new challenges.

So that’s that for now. 838…not quite the 1,000 I was shooting for, but a shapely number all the same!

17 thoughts on “All Streaks Must Come To An End…

      1. Hello hello my friend! It was so nice to hear from you! I hope all is going well over there for you and your partner? We are still going good and in Welly still. It should work your comments, they might be put to pending or something and I need to approve them. I migrated over my blog and did a whole lot of changes to it so maybe that’s why…it should work though. Hope to see you kicking around here more often 🙂 take care

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      2. Yeah not sure what was happening I was definitely getting a posting ‘failure’ message but I’ll try again later.
        Pleased that you’re doing well. HK is still masked up with no end in sight despite just a few daily COVID cases but life goes on!


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