An Early Christmas Present…

Beatles fans rejoice! Peter Jackson, who increasingly resembles Santa, has given us all an early Christmas present in the form of some previously unreleased footage from the Get Back sessions. Not a trailer he explains but just quick look into the spirit of the sessions — which at a glance doesn’t look much at all like what we imagined them to be.

The film, when it eventually gets released, might just be the musical event of the decade….

Mouth-watering stuff!

3 thoughts on “An Early Christmas Present…

  1. I’ve never been this excited for anything Beatles than this… this might dispel some myths that they were totally unhappy at this time. Glyn Johns said in his book…btw…good book to read…that the mood was good at that time…it wasn’t a lot of negative. Now we see.

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  2. I saw this too! I’m over the moon! Yeaaaa! Can’t wait. 52 hours of unseen footage? AUH-mazing considering how many Beatles documentaries are out there.


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