Book 52: Medical Medium – Anthony William

Medical Medium’ is Anthony William’s best-selling book on health, disease and diet.

Despite no formal medical training, qualifications or interest in scientific process, William offers medical information, diagnosis and treatment based on conversations with ‘spirit’— what could possibly go wrong…

First, the good

‘Medical Medium’ advocates for a clean, plant-based, high fibre diet.

This isn’t new or remarkable of course—you may remember ‘The Lancet’ commissioned a three-year study to identify a sustainable ‘planetary’ diet and published similar recommendations earlier in the year. This type of diet will undoubtably benefit anyone coming from a highly processed ‘western’ diet and is a widely recommended diet among health professionals. So this is all fine. William goes further to recommend replacing meat, dairy and eggs with tonnes of fruit — which although strange didn’t seem too kooky.

The not so good…

While most people accept that having thoughts is simply a part of being human, Anthony William believes that his thoughts come from ‘spirit’ or god:

God granted me the ability to access vast, highly advanced healing information through Spirit. No one else alive has a spirit voice providing profound on-target health information with crystal clarity.

Medical Medium – Anthony William

He boldly presents his ideas as ‘celestial information’, free from the confines and rigours of traditional scientific research:

This book is unlike anything you’ve read. You won’t find citation after citation, references to study after study, because this is fresh, ahead-of-its-time information that comes from the heavens.

Medical Medium – Anthony William

So with that, the author goes ahead to make countless health claims and write absolutely anything he wants using only anecdotes as evidence (which they are not). And importantly, much like religion, everything here is unfalsifiable — it’s sacred information from the future (?) after all.

We find the ‘answers’ to countless medical mysteries in these pages and discover that the Epstein Bar Virus (which most everyone has) is the (unlikely) cause for most of our suffering.

While the ‘medical medium’ diet seems fine for the most part, the amount of fruit the author recommends seems excessive. Remember, it’s been 4.5 million years since we survived on fruit and when you consider the fact that modern fruit looks nothing like the fruit of old, (want to see?) this kind of diet will have long term risks.

And the Ugly

For mostly healthy folks, there’s nothing here that will cause problems. If anything, cutting down on refined, highly processed foods will benefit most people. It’s the genuinely sick and desperate who disregard proper medical advice in favour of the medical medium that could potentially be in danger. For despite his long, detailed legal disclaimer that says this is all for ‘information purposes only’, William is clearly offering treatment advice/ recommendations for serious medical conditions —and the treatment is essentially fruit.


If you enjoy reading books and scientific endeavour and academic discovery, I have to say that a lot of this book is like a punch in the face. You constantly hear of the ways the scientific community is ‘mistaken’, ‘wrong’ and of the countless ‘popular misconceptions’ — that our brave author is able to put right. The self-assured, evangelical, emotionally-manipulative tone of the book is hard to take after a while. What is also hard to take is the way ‘Medical Medium’ undermines medical research, science generally, and the work that medical professionals do around the world.

All in all, this book isn’t for everybody. I would have thought most people would be sceptical about taking medical advice from angels and spirits but the widespread popularity of this guy suggests I may be wrong on that!

If new-age, pseudo-scientific, self-help books are your thing, ‘Medical Medium’ might be worth reading. But why not just read, ‘Food Rules’ instead? It’s a rational, science-based book on diet that will provide all the benefits of a clean, plant-based diet without the need for a leap of faith into the supernatural.

4 thoughts on “Book 52: Medical Medium – Anthony William

  1. Goodness me…this guy sounds like a whack job, or a quack. I guess we should be asking him to consult with spirit on pressing issues like the war in the middle east and global warming etc LOL, I had a good laugh. 🙂

    However these kinds of people can be dangerous to vulnerable people who are say facing a terminal illness or who have perhaps had a brain injury and can’t reason well enough. Or the gullible and easily led, such as my mum.


  2. If it helps some people to change their terrible lifestyles then good on him. Maybe that’s the only language they can understand or believe in. But people should consult with a professional medical.practitioner if anything gets serious.


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