The ‘Great Conjunction’: Coming a Sky Near you…

When two planets come close together astronomers call it a ‘conjunction’. This Christmas, gas giants Jupiter and Saturn will be coming closer than they have been in 400 years and the closest we have seen them since 1226.

Around the 21st, the two planets will appear so close that they will appear as one — depending on where you live. Of course they will be still 100s of millions of miles apart but it’s all about perspective!

Here’s a picture from from half an hour ago…bit early to see anything but a nice sunset all the same:

Look to West on the 21st for a once in a life-time experience!

Star chart with Jupiter, Saturn, positions of very thin crescent moon December 15, 16, 17 and 18.

6 thoughts on “The ‘Great Conjunction’: Coming a Sky Near you…

  1. Good job! Here in Germany we have had clouds and fog for weeks (occasional clear skies, but not tonight)…. so if I am lucky, the next few days might clear up. It’s just fun to be part of this, isn’t it? Happy holidays to you!!


      1. Took a break from Waking up (not from mediation though) but I see I should get back into it. Are you still at it diligently? good for you! I so need to get back into writing/blogging, but been too busy or just not finding the stillness or discipline to write… same old same old 🙂 Happy holidays to you!


      2. Yes…I still use the app. on balance probably more of my meditation if ‘off app’ but I still use it a lot.
        Hey by the way…not sure how you used to pay but I saved about half by paying for a year. Big discount…more at the moment too. Might want to check that out from within the app under subscriptions. There’s several tiers that all give full access
        Happy holidays!!


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