Book 40: Horns – Joe Hill

Joe Hill is an author I hadn’t heard of before ‘Horns’ and like many of the books on my Amazon ‘Wishlist’ I can’t recall where I got the recommendation, still, I picked it up a few months ago and recently finished it.

BEASTLY BOOKS: HORNS BY JOE HILL | Dark Lord Bunnykins's Blog

I won’t spoil the read— but I will say it’s a peculiar, strangely enjoyable read.

The book starts with the lead character waking to horns on his head after a hard night out drinking. As the character deals with his bizarre transformation, he navigates the mundane challenges of his own life, family and relationships. The intensity builds as unnerving secondary characters bring complications and intrigue to the plot.

This is a dark fantasy with gothic elements. The writing is sharp and clever, the characters believable and the twists unpredictable. There’s elements of Neil Gaiman in the style and fans of his will feel at home for much of this. I had no idea what to expect from ‘Horns’ but in the end, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and am on the lookout for more of Joe Hill’s work.

Here’s chapter one for a taste:

IGNATIUS MARTIN PERRISH SPENT the night drunk and doing terrible things. He woke the next morning with a headache, put his hands to his temples, and felt something unfamiliar, a pair of knobby pointed protuberances. He was so ill—wet-eyed and weak—he didn’t think anything of it at first, was too hungover for thinking or worry. But when he was swaying above the toilet, he glanced at himself in the mirror over the sink and saw he had grown horns while he slept. He lurched in surprise, and for the second time in twelve hours he pissed on his feet.

Joe Hill – Horns P.1

Highly Recommended.

5 thoughts on “Book 40: Horns – Joe Hill

    1. I saw Dan’s face with horns when looking for the book’s cover the other day — so yes, it probably is the same one. Haven’t heard anything about it though. Did you see the film?


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