Introducing Martin Molin’s Triforce!

What sounds like another Stars Wars’ prequel is in fact Martin Molin’s integration of three complementary ideas that help him manage his work flow.

His method combines Marie Kondo’s ‘Magic of Tidying up’, Sam Harris’s ‘Waking Up’ meditation app and James Clear’s work on habit formation: Atomic Habits. As a fan of both Sam Harris and James Clear, his system had immediate appeal — as well, Martin is such an intensely original, creative thinker that it’s interesting to hear him turn over these ideas.

Here is Martin discussing the way he combines the concepts:

And if like me you were astounded by the Marble Machine, you might be surprised to learn that Martin has ripped out the marble transport system. He needed to improve on the ‘local maximum’s’ failure rate of 0.01% and setting his sites on bringing that down to 0.00001% (?!). This guy’s dedication and work ethic are completely off the hook. Here’s the update:

2 thoughts on “Introducing Martin Molin’s Triforce!

  1. I am a believer in what you recommend. So far it has all turned good! We did watch My Octopus Teacher recently and found it nice btw. The stills were incredible. The guy can be a bit creepy though. Like he is always two sentences away from saying and then we got married and lived happily ever after.


    1. Haha did you think so…I can sort of see what you mean. He was intense. I quite enjoyed the way the son came into the story near the end…there are young people taking an interest in such things.
      Social dilemma is worth watching too, if you get a chance.


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