Martin Molin’s Wintergarden Marble Machine

Most of us have little hobbies and projects on the go— but not like Martin Molin. This guy built an absolutely insane musical instrument that produces a whole kaleidoscope of sound by using 2000 metal marbles!

The level of attention to detail here is bonkers. Check the breakdown for example, he built a tremolo device for his vibes (he adjusts it with his left hand at 2:10) and the way the drums come back before changing time signatures—this really is mind-blowing stuff.

6 thoughts on “Martin Molin’s Wintergarden Marble Machine

  1. He reminds me of a musical Willy Wonka…wow. How would you like to repair that if anything went wrong? All of it has to be perfectly timed.


    1. Can you imagine the planning?! I struggle putting together a cup of tea! On a side note did you see book post on my blog today. It posted to September instead of today and I had to contact support to change….think it’s up now but I can’t see it. It’s for the daltrey book…


  2. I promptly shared. It’s 4 years old and I can’t believe I’ve just now heard about this. 3 million likes is not good enough esp considering the CRAP that gets so so much more. GENIUS.


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