The Power of a Frame

Cognitive reframing is a powerful way to reinterpret events in a more positive way.

It comes from the idea that life events are inherently meaningless and only develop meaning when we assign meaning to them. Our thinking is so heavily influenced by past experience, values, beliefs, biases that it’s often possible to substantially change our view of an event by simply adjusting our perspective (story) about it: re-framing it in other words.

Need evidence of the power of a frame?

Look no further than the work of Gold Coast resident and tireless home decorator, Muky.

Her recent art work has been transformed by some (literal) frames —not exactly the same thing of course, but close enough!

3 thoughts on “The Power of a Frame

  1. I love her art! I hope she has a website or an etsy where she sells it. You are so right about reframing situations, what is the saying? There is nothing good nor bad, only thinking makes it so 🌞😊

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