Introducing Izotope’s Incredible Spectral De-Noise Software

A couple of the days ago Muky asked me if I could do anything to reduce the ambient noise on her ‘How to make Peanut Butter video. Sure I said. But after listening to the clip and hearing what sounded like a jet engine running nearby…I wondered what could be done.

In the past I’ve used some of the Izotope’s software to help improve audio quality but I’ve never needed to delve into the specialist restoration tools. So here was a chance to test them out.

I imported the video into Logic X, brought the movie in and instantiated RX 6 Spectral De-Noise on the audio track. This is deep, deep software so I was preparing to either check the manual or head to youtube — but just putting it on the track was all I needed to do. It was spooky.

The track went from unusable to absolutely fine in a moment. I’m still shocked at how well it worked and no doubt with some expertise it could be fine tuned even further. I felt compelled to make a quick ‘before and after’ video for others looking to clean up poor audio, and here it is. This software is incredible, not exactly cheap, but incredible:

And the final video for those wanting to make the best peanut butter in the multiverse (I should know I eat this stuff by the bucket)….


6 thoughts on “Introducing Izotope’s Incredible Spectral De-Noise Software

  1. I’ve only used Audacity for audio and now I’m barely getting into the waters of Kdenlive (because I use Ubuntu), but if I ever get into the new world of video you kids are into these days on a serious level, I’ll remember your recommendations. Thanks!

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