Supplementing Vitamin D?

Research continues to come in relating vitamin D deficiency with severe covid-19 outcomes.

Taking a vitamin D supplement at the moment seems absolutely essential (all things considered) but I still don’t see anything at all in mainstream media.

In an attempt to get the message through, a group of researchers out of Trinity College, Dublin are asking the Irish Government to recommend vitamin D supplementation in this time of crisis.

The publication cited in the article above (The Irish Medical Journal) has a whole section on the vitamin D debate and while several point out the lack of appropriate ‘randomised control trials’ on vitamin D most agree that supplementation, especially in the elderly (who are more prone to deficiency) will save lives.

“This study further confirms this association. We call on the Irish government to update guidelines as a matter of urgency and encourage all adults to take supplements during the COVID-19 crisis. Deficiency is frequent in Ireland. Deficiency is most prevalent with age, obesity, in men, in ethnic minorities, in people with diabetes, hypertension and in nursing homes.”

Professor Rose Anne Kenny, Trinity College Dublin

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