A Song for Sunday with Bill Fay

The new music continues with my best musical discovery in the last 10 years.

Bill Fay found moderate success in the early 70s with two album releases, but he was later dropped by his record company and his records went out of print.

Fay in 72′

But that wasn’t the end of the story. Fay’s recordings developed something of a cult following and the albums came back into print.

With the support of producer Joshua Henry and some well-known musicians including Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, Bill released an album of new material in 2012. He followed it up with another in 2015 and a third this year.

Bill Fay - Salt of the Earth (Official Video) - YouTube
Fay in 2020, 48 years later…

The new album is ‘Countless Branches’ and it is spectacular — and I don’t say that lightly. Fay is 76 but must be writing the music of his life. The man is a poet and his voice will break your heart.

Bill Fay

Please listen — this man is a rare treasure and the album something very special:

9 thoughts on “A Song for Sunday with Bill Fay

  1. “best musical discovery in the last 10 years”. Wow that’s quite the endorsement I’ll add Bill Fay to my explore list. I love the artwork for Countless Branches. Just listened to his debut single Good Advice which I liked.


  2. I checked out some of his early stuff also…good stuff. Interesting artist…beautiful song here. I’m going to explore some more…Great find Jeremy!

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    1. Oh man, that new track Salt of the Earth was SO emotive and i admire a singer who can create such an atmosphere. But it’s almost TOO melancholy for me, you know? I’m grateful for you introducing him to me though. I’m curious about checking out his 70s stuff.

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      1. I know exactly what you mean. It’s like an emotional overload depending on your mood of course. I went to the supermarket and put it on – then no no…this is a bit much for shopping. But if you’ve some time, space and a decent sound system these tracks are awe inspiring

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    2. Like Chris said below – it’s emotionally heavy so it’s never going to be a high rotation album (or is it..) but it’s incredibly tender and beautiful. Pleased you liked it.
      Slightly off topic- have you found much new music you’re fond of? I’ve been seriously looking of late

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      1. His voice is terrific…

        Man they are not new and you probably know them but the Lemon Twigs I’ve been checking out…kinda Big Star “ish”
        Also for someone new…I found a couple of women who have some interesting music….Larkin and Poe…a blogger featured them.
        Check out Larkin and Poe covering The Boys Are Back in Town…fun duo.


      2. Yes the Lemon Twigs! A little hit and miss but I’m expecting big things from those boys! I did a post about ‘queen of my school’ – have a listen and see if it doesn’t sound exactly like chilton in places.
        Don’t know the other duo so will check it out – cheers

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      3. The Lemon Twigs also did a live version of part of the Abbey Road medley…really good. They are hit and miss but sometimes they are on.


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