Tech Review: Paperlike 2 iPad Screen Protector

Paperlike is a German company that makes iPad screen protectors that are…paper-like. They claim that their protectors mimic the experience of writing on paper and more than a few people agree.

I first saw the product on Ali Abdaal’s youtube channel. This is the guy whose glowing review of the smart keyboard convinced me to buy. The fact that I absolutely love this keyboard meant that when he recommended the paperlike, I thought I’d try it as well.

The paperlike (now at version 2), costs about 30 Euros. The shipping takes weeks and I’ve seen some complain about the wait — but it’s not a problem if you expect it.

They send two protectors which I thought was generous. I guess they assume most people to mess up the application at least once — not in my case though, I stayed well away and let Muky put it on for me!

The first impression you’ll have with the paperlike is probably going to be negative, mine was. The new ipad pro’s have incredible screens and with the paperlike on you lose some sharpness and detail. There’s a slight softening of images — sort of like a cinematic filter. You get used to it but it’s noticeable at first. I’ve had it on for a week now and quite like the change.

But is it like paper? Well, kind of. Certainly, the experience of writing with a pen on the screen is exponentially improved. There’s a friction there now — and while it’s not exactly like paper it mimics it fairly well. Scrolling with fingers feels much more tactile and enjoyable as well. I have, however, noticed that the screen is sometimes not as responsive to gestures now compared to before but this is becoming less of an issue as I adjust.

Another noticeable benefit is the lack of fingerprints. I was cleaning the screen several times a day before but now that’s just not necessary. Not quite sure how they’ve done it, but it seems essentially immune to marks and fingerprints. This outcome I wasn’t expecting.

I’d recommend the paperlike 2. If you use an apple pen, it will substantially upgrade your experience of using the iPad. If you don’t, then it’s less of a clear choice. A matt-style screen won’t suit people who want the highest definition video experience— though in saying that I have come to like the way the videos look. Bearing in mind that any 12.9” screen protector is going to cost perhaps 10 or 20 euro, the paperlike 2 represents fair value when you consider the fact you get two of them.

Have a look at Ali Abdaal’s video below if you’d like to know more:

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