A Song for Sunday with Pop Staples

Pop Staples was an influential Gospel & Blues musician, and patriarch of ‘The Staple Singers’. If you’ve seen the ‘The Last Waltz’ you’ll remember them singing ‘The Weight’ with The Band.

Pop recorded his last 10 songs in 98′ and before he died told his daughter: “Don’t loose this, here“. Years later, in 2015, his daughter Mavis recruited Jeff Tweedy of Wilco to assist in finally producing the album, ‘Don’t loose this’.

Here’s the opening track, ‘Somebody was watching over me’— a laid-back, soulful start to Sunday:

9 thoughts on “A Song for Sunday with Pop Staples

  1. Oh man!!!! I didn’t know this existed… Thanks Jeremy this is excellent!

    I was lucky enough to see Mavis Staples around 3 years ago open up for Dylan. She dated Dylan long ago and told some stories on stage about “Bobby”


    1. PS what did you think about about the drum sound on that track? I liked it at first but then thought the bass drum too live and flabby…tweedy was aiming for a Ry Cooder sound but didn’t quite get there perhaps

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      1. Yea it sounds like a loose drum head…which yea it’s on purpose…but it was a little too much. Flabby is a great word for it.
        Jeremy you missed your calling man…you should have been a mixer/producer…you have a great ear.

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      2. Yes I can…I just thought in spots it was a little too…ok I’ll use your term…flabby!
        Right now there is a Ludwig drum set in my garage. 26″ bass drum. The drummer said it was his “Zep Set”…The sound is incredible. I played around with it today. It’s huge…and a huge sound.


      3. Oh no…I can keep a beat but that is it. He just keeps his drums here. I’ve been on a drum set with that large of bass drum…you could live in it.
        When I record my demos…it’s groove agent lol.


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