The Joy of a Real Book

My Kindle reader (which I’ve just lost!) is my favourite piece of technology. It elegantly holds 300 of my favourites books together with a dictionary, a backlight, the ability to export notes, connect to the internet, play audiobooks via bluetooth and it’s somehow waterproof!

I read faster on the Kindle and more widely as well. The Kindle store throws up titles that I would never have found and offers instantaneous samples of books that may not even be locally available in print. The regular sales mean you can often buy titles for a fraction of the price of a hard copy so you’re able to buy more from a vastly wider selection. There is a period of acclimatisation with the Kindle sure, but once you become used to eBooks there’s really no going back. It’s a technological wonder!

And yet…

…holding a new book you’ve just bought, like William Irvine’s ‘A Guide to the Good Life’, and feeling its weight in your hands, makes all your ebooks you have seem like digital smoke and mirrors.

Technology has revolutionised reading for me but it won’t ever fully replace the joy of a real book.

15 thoughts on “The Joy of a Real Book

  1. Yea I’m mixed on it with one extra thing. I have a long commute to work so I also have audio books. I have a Kindle and I do like it because of the screen and being able to change font sizes etc. Audio books are invaluable to me because I use it driving and on my daily walk… I would rather read a book but hey…right now Pete Townshend is reading me his book…so it is pretty cool.
    Nothing though beats a book to me.


      1. Yes he is…not all books are that way but his is… Most of the time you don’t want the author to read but in his case it works well.


      2. Most of the time they get a professional actor. The best one I’ve ever listened to was Full Moon…the one about Keith Moon with his friend…an actor who is mentioned in the book reading it…very funny.


    1. Never let the truth get in the way of a good line mukylicious! But seriously Amazon could erase my collection in a moment…sure there’s something in their terms that says they still own the books


  2. Wait, you lost your Kindle!? That’s too bad. Anyway, I completely agree with you here. I love the convenience of Kindle, and I am able to read more in ebook form, but I still buy books and will never completely let them go. One thing I hate about Amazon is that there are fake books on the store, as in they advertise as legit items but really they are watered down, poorly summarized versions. Hope they do something about those soon.


    1. I know what you mean about amazon but you can’t argue with the magic of the kindle! I’ll probably pick up a kindle version of this as well but wanted to get a hard copy first (something that almost never do)

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