Song for Sunday with Oliver Mtukudzi

Looking for a video of this track on youtube, I discovered in the comments that Oliver Mtukudzi died this year. He was only 66 years old.

Mtukudzi was an enduring  symbol of hope and inspiration to many in his homeland of Zimbabwe and remains one of the most loved African musicians. Wikipedia says he has released 58 albums (!) so we all still have an extensive back catalogue to explore.

I fondly remember watching him play in London at the Roundhouse in 2010. He played with his daughter and it was a wonderful gig. To be fair I’ve got no idea what he’s singing about most of the time but a deep spirituality runs through his music which seems to go beyond language.

Have a listen to ‘Ndima Ndapedza‘ —has a rhythm section ever pushed you through a song quite like this before? And just listen to those guitars…

4 thoughts on “Song for Sunday with Oliver Mtukudzi

  1. A deep spirituality is a great way to describe this track. I love the rhythm of this song…an incredible feel and mood to it.


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