A Hong Kong Summer Sunset (Part 2)

Yesterday, I uploaded a relaxing little video of some sunset footage.

Today, another video, but with worse lighting and no action whatsoever! This video is just about the audio. I used this stereo microphone:

It’s a Rode NT-4—not top of the line for a stereo mic but about as good as you can get for less than a $1,000. It’s built like a tank and made up of two cardioid pattern mics arranged in a X-Y pattern. After recording you simply pan the two tracks hard-left and hard-right to bring out the stereo image. Rode mics have a low noise floor so are good for recording quiet sources, like ambiences. I forgot how little gain these mics need so the recording was a little too hot —but the mix pre has analogue limiters onboard so the recording was still fine.

I think a spaced pair would deliver a better spread than the X-Y set up on the Rode but I can still listen to this type of recording for hours. In fact, once I figure out my preferred method for recording the ocean I plan on making longer recordings — maybe even with some (tasteful!) music.

Have a listen:

4 thoughts on “A Hong Kong Summer Sunset (Part 2)

      1. When a million people are telling you that their server is down and the end of the earth is near because they cannot get a file… yea those waves help man…lol


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