Hong Kong Film wins in Venice

This story seems to have been swallowed up in protest noise but Yonfan’s ‘No. 7 Cherry Lane’ just won best screenplay at the prestigious Venice Film festival.

The last time a Hong Kong film was selected to be in the main competition for one of the big three festivals (Cannes, Venice and Berlin) was way back in 2011.

The film is a highly stylised love story set in the Hong Kong riots of 1967 but the film went into preproduction 5 years ago, so shouldn’t be seen as a comment on the current situation.

There is already some blowback on social media though, after the film’s flamboyant director Yonfan condemned ‘disruptive’ protesters in his acceptance speech:

“Hong Kong is turned upside down with the violence. We’ve lost all law-abidance, the freedom … and people run wild. And this force opens the Pandora’s Box, and all the evil came out from people, everywhere. I just hope there is still hope left in the Pandora’s Box.”


Yonfan went on to say in an interview that he doesn’t even want his film to be shown in Hong Kong as the wrong type of attention might be difficult to deal with.

Disappointing to think that the continuing protests of a few discontents may well interfere with an award-winning Hong Kong film being shown here in Hong Kong —let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

Here’s the trailer —it looks stunning and just listen to that music. Early reviews suggest some weirdness, but it’s a movie I’d love to see:

15 thoughts on “Hong Kong Film wins in Venice

  1. Wow love this trailer you are right…the music is just incredible. Also like the style of the anime. It’s very classy the woman in the clip looks like the Chinese version of Marilyn Monroe. I will definitely have to see this 🙂


  2. Wow the trailer is short but surely captured the essence of HK in the 1960s. That amazing tree roots reminds me of the old streets in Sheung Wan. Pity he doesn’t want to show it in HK, but I can perfectly understand how he feels and his disappointment- things are really up side down now. Better keep this beauty out of this crazy chaotic and stupid situation.


  3. So I just learnt the director directed many HK movies in the 80s and 90s that I really like. I’m terrible at remembering people’s names but I know his movies even can sing the songs from his movies. His movies always tell stories of HK’s ordinary people, and you can see how he loves this city and the people. He must be quite hard-broken and disappointed with the current situation.


    1. I know right. Muky noticed that it’s playing somewhere on the 25th so we’ll go if we can. Hopefully the movie gets no negative attention. Last thing you want is a group of dickheads in gas masks turning up for the screenings lol

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