Song for Sunday with the Easy Star All-Stars

Over the past few weeks I have created three different running playlists: one at 170 BPM, one at 175 BPM and one at 180 BPM. It’s been much more difficult than expected. For one, not that many songs are the right tempo — you can get easily get through 2 or 3 albums of an artist and get zero possible songs. And when you eventually find one, the song might be crap. It’s taken a while.

One of the most suitable tracks I’ve found is Easy Star All-Stars cover of Radiohead’s ‘Airbag’. It’s 17o BPM and the perfect soundtrack for a beach run. I’d like to find more reggae actually, the drums and percussion are always right in the pocket without too much overplaying. Recommendations welcome!

Get the runners out and try this one for size:

6 thoughts on “Song for Sunday with the Easy Star All-Stars

  1. Sounds like fun creating these running playists, trying to get it just right! I prefer to not have music or podcasts in my ears when I’m exercising. It’s a time of de-stressing for me. Although I love music or radio for car journeys.

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