The 12 Standards for Runners: Part 6

As this epic summary of Kelly Starret’s ’12 standards’ for runners draws to a close, we move on to the final two: hydration and jumping and landing.

Standard #11: Hydration

Here’s an easy standard to understand: You need at least 2-3 litres of water a day.

Starrett discusses the science of exactly why water is required but my main takeaway was that we should be drinking water with electrolytes unless eating with food. This could be either shop-bought special formulations (Nuun etc) or a simple pinch of salt.

The metaphor of parched thirsty joints and muscles being like ‘tinder for a campfire‘ brought the idea of proper hydration home for me so I’ve been drinking more of late.

Standard #12: Jumping and Landing

If you think of running as an endless cycle of jumping and landing, mastering this movement is central to good running mechanics.

There are two tests for this standard:

Test 1: Jumping onto a box

  1. Get a box (something a few feet high, perhaps a short wall)
  2. Load the hips and hamstrings i.e get ready.
  3. Jump on box
  4. Land with knees and feet straight
  5. Drive knees outward on impact (As always make sure the knees don’t collapse inward.)

Test 2: Single leg jumps

For this test you’ll need a skipping rope

  1. Use hips to power the jump
  2. Keep a neutral position throughout (head, shoulders, feet)
  3. Land on your forefoot and allow your heel to ‘kiss’ the ground
  4. Do 30 skips on each leg (Again, the knee collapsing inward is a no-no)

For both tests, use slo-mo video to reveal see your own patterns of movement and adjust accordingly. If you haven’t skipped since school then this standard will take some practice.

There you have it. The 12 of the standards of being ‘Ready to Run’.

Yes I could have listed all the standards in a single post. But breaking them apart like this has allowed me to explore them in much more depth. I’ve been coming back to ‘Ready to Run’ on a daily basis for a few weeks now and have enjoyed the process of working systematically through the material โ€” it’s a great way to learn. Hopefully someone out there will benefit as well.

Happy running!

4 thoughts on “The 12 Standards for Runners: Part 6

  1. I always had luck with hydration as I am a very thirsty person and I drink at least 2 liters of water each day without attempting it… I just drink that much anyway. I know people who barely manage it to drink a liter per day if you believe them. A friend for example told me this and I said “Dude, that’s not enough, you need to drink more”. My mother had the same problem and I told her that it’s easier to drink water without carbon dioxide. She tried it, and now it works. She was amazed. First, she didn’t like it, but I told her that she will get used to normal water within 2 days and I was right. Even without exercises, medical experts suggest drinking at least 2 liters per day, in summer it’s better to drink more than that.

    When I go jogging, I always have a 0.5-liter bottle in my belt. Last year I was using it during runs as I still made breaks. This year I barely didn’t need water during the run as I don’t do breaks anymore and I am much more fit but I still like it that when I finish my run I can take a huge sip right away, especially when the tour doesn’t end in front of my door and if I still have to walk 2 or 3 miles home after the run. That’s where I kill the 0.5-liter in no time. I don’t notice the belt or the bottle, so I don’t care. It’s always good to have it with me even if I don’t need it anymore during the run. I really need that big sip after the run, it’s always my reward ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Coconut water sounds tasty. I need to try that! If I am bored with just water, I sometimes prepare lime or lemon water with slices. I also like NFC juice because if I mix 25% of it with 75% water (I prepare 1 liter), it’s low calories. They also don’t add extra sugar, it’s only fruit sugar. I found one NFC juice with more magnesium, and it’s good for me because I sometimes get cramps in the leg. Could also be placebo because they mention magnesium on the wrapping, but hey it works lol. But most of the time I am fine with just water because I got used to it now. 80% of the week I consume just pure water.

        We have quite a few things in common. Music, exercises, technology or gadgets and so on. I also like the fact that you’re a broad blogger like I am… found many interesting topics on your blog. I think running is still a big niche, but maybe the preparing part for running is a small niche. I only do push-ups, swimming, hiking and running. But I don’t warm up before running or any other ways of preparing… I did it once, but it didn’t motivate me. I just go outside and start running without a warm-up. But you have such and such people, individually doing it differently. I still went through your technical running pointers to check if I can find something that could help me. I am also sure someone else will. I also think these are great topics for Google, so I assume you will get organic search traffic with these articles in the long run. I sometimes also thought many of my old guides have been too niche, but this world is big and people look for all kind of advice! So, don’t be shy about your topics. ๐Ÿ™‚

        And by the way, I went into a sports shop last week and saw many of those shoes you mentioned. There was a huge inventory. I’ll try them out next year when my shoes are done.

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      2. Oh that’s interesting. I assume those zero drop would be hard to find but perhaps other places are more forward thinking in that regard than here. And yes we overlap on all the good stuff Dennis! Thanks for your thoughts, appreciate the input.

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