Amor Towles on the Kindle Store today for $1.99

‘A Gentleman in Moscow’ is an absolutely incredible book. The best thing I’ve read this year.

The author Amor Towles has only one other book out: ‘The Rules of Civility’ and today it’s selling at 94% off on the kindle store. It’s set in 1930s New York, is filled with music and the reviews are great.

If you’ve got a kindle this book should be worth getting. No idea why it has been discounted so deeply but these deals usually disappear quickly so try a sample and see what you think β€” I’d be shocked if it’s not a great read.

3 thoughts on “Amor Towles on the Kindle Store today for $1.99

  1. I have seen this around and read the blurb at the back and thought ‘No… boring’ but your stellar review and the Times endorsement has given the seal of approval. After putting me onto Murakami I trust your reviews πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


    1. Is that ‘Gentleman in Moscow’ you’re talking about? 100% recommend that to you. i’d be flabbergasted if you didn’t enjoy that one…but the ‘rules of civility’ I haven’t read it. So I’m not sureΒ β€” just seemed like a bargain for the price.


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