A Song for Sunday with New Pictures of Jupiter

I thought the Hubble telescope was on its last legs but you’d never know it looking at this incredible picture of Jupiter released this week:

Scientists noted that some of the colours are intensifying around the red spot (which is huge storm system bigger than Earth) as it gradually reduces in size.

But how to choose a song to match the scale and grandeur of our largest planet?

What music would evoke the swirling turbulence of the storms while speaking to the vibrance and beauty of the colours?

…and of the course the video would need be truly epic. Cinematic in scope. Of the absolute highest quality.

Ladies and gentleman, your celebratory song for Sunday: Dunedin’s own 3Ds with none other than ‘Outer Space’. New Zealand’s TVNZ put absolutely everything they had into this video so please enjoy.

PS Turn it up — this needs to be loud, loud, loud. How loud? Crank it until the guitars feel like they are melting your ears, then pull it back a hair:

4 thoughts on “A Song for Sunday with New Pictures of Jupiter

  1. Cool spinning GIF of Jupiter, I always wondered why the red storm spot remains, endless storm? Looking at planets and galaxies makes me awed about our place in the cosmos, Earth’s so tiny in comparison.


  2. I would love to see the intensity of that storm…not first hand though. The song does sound cool loud…the video…that blue planet looks like planet herpes…


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