Willie Nelson and Trigger

While waiting for my trusty old acoustic guitar to return from battle I was grateful to find the story of Willie Nelson’s guitar, Trigger.

Trigger is an old Martin N-20 and it’s seen some action. After looking at footage of the 50-year Trigger my own guitar’s condition went from battered and bruised to pristine and immaculate. Just look at it! That’s what 10,000 shows and 50 years of dedication to art looks like!

Here’s a video of how his guitar tech manages to keep Trigger ‘alive’. There’s more to it than you’d think:

And the story of Willie, his guitar and his family — a heartwarming tale. I’ve never been a big country fan but it’s impossible not to like Willie Nelson:

6 thoughts on “Willie Nelson and Trigger

      1. Trigger is a powerful metaphor and a mirror image of Willie himself! I was surprised when I saw how young the guitar repair person was when he first started working with Trigger!


  1. Yea you don’t dare change it because it would change the tone…awesome video.

    If that guitar was alive…the stories it could tell…well no it would be too stoned.


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