Moore’s Law and Samsung’s incredible T5 portable drives

Intel’s co-founder Gordon Moore wrote a paper back in 65′ which predicted that the number of transistors on a microchip would double every year (updated to every two years in 1985). Amazing this has held for the past 50+ years.

So then, after all that time, just how big are transistors these days?

They’re small.

Really small.

Modern computers have transistors as small as 5-7 nanometers in length. If, like me you don’t know how big a nanometer is, it’s one billionth of a meter. A single human hair is about 100,000 nanometers wide. These transistors are hundreds of times smaller than bacteria cells. Have a look at the way they’ve shrunk since 1970:

So scientists are now getting 30 billion transistors onto a single circuit. How on earth…? The mind boggles.

So that’s Moore’s Law then — but what I actually wanted to write about was how amazed I was with the portable drive I bought yesterday.

The last portable hard drive I bought wasn’t that long ago, but the tech seems to have jumped forward in a short space of time.

Now you have solid state drives which are on a completely different level of speed and efficiency. Combine that with the ongoing miniaturisation (see Moore’s law above!) and you get this incredible little thing:

The Samsung T5 portable SSD drive. Transfer speeds up to 540 mb/s. Fully shock proof. 51 grams and look at the size of it:

50mm x 70mm. Tiny. Makes my phone look bulky and gigantic.

How many gigs can it store? 50GB? 100GB? Nope. This little guy stores 1TB, or a 1,000GB.

Hard drives aren’t the most fascinating things in the world and I wasn’t planning to write about them but after buying the T5 yesterday I really had to share my surprise.

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