2019 Goodreads Challenge?

In the past I have regarded reading as an enjoyable hobby. Something to pass the time, like a good movie. I don’t think like this anymore.

I now consider it an essential part of my ongoing education and the lifeblood of my own growth and development. I consider reading as one of the most productive and enriching ways I spend my time.

With that in mind it’s time for the Goodreads Challenge!

For this year, after setting 100 books for 2017 and 2018 and ‘failing’ both times, I am lowering the bar to a more manageable number.

Hey… why not sign up and make book challenge yourself? It has a magical way of helping you read more books.

Just sign up (if you have a kindle it’s even easier):

Set a number of books. Make it a low number – you can change it at anytime:

..and you’re off!

This year I’m going for 60 books and after two days, I’m on track!

I also want to be a little more intentional about what I read as well. Last year I tended to read reactively. If an interesting book popped up I’d read it. Looking back though, there were a few books that weren’t that great and I still have a large number of promising books on the kindle that remain unread.

Looking back through my previous 2017 and 2018 challenges, biographies were some of my favourites so I looking at reading more of those this year.

If you set a challenge up, let me know —there’s a community aspect to the site that I have never used but it looks good.

Here’s to a great year of books!

13 thoughts on “2019 Goodreads Challenge?

  1. I had previously tracked my books and pages read (back in the early 2000s) but it became too nerve-wracking. Either the goal was too high and I was not enjoying reading, or it was too low and I felt unchallenged. It’s difficult too since I have to read certain books for my professional life that aren’t always what I would choose to read. So now I just set goals for blogging and reviews, knowing that reading is a daily habit and will happen if I let it. Plus it’s much easier to track the stats on books I’ve reviewed. But I do see the value in this tool for others!

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    1. Writing short reviews is THE best way to track your reading isn’t it. as far as the goodreads challenge goes, I know what you mean. The first year I was trying really hard to get 100 – and I didn’t. I was a little disappointed at first because I did try, even to the point of putting aside books of more than 400 pages for the last couple of months. Then I realised that I had just read more than twice as much as I had ever read in a year. So i celebrated instead. And I did the same again last year when I ‘failed’. I take the target lightly now and it’s a great way to track and value reading. One of those process over product situations…

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      1. I just get instantly demotivated with reading as soon as I set a goal like read 100 books….argh! I wish it wasn’t like that. It becomes a chore for me as soon as I make it about reaching a target! 🙂


      2. I know what you mean. I sort of unplug myself from the ‘getting there’ to just enjoy the road there. The first year I stressed out trying but last year missed the goal by miles and it didn’t bother me. This year 60 books seems comfortable…sort a book a week. I have no idea how some folks get through 300


  2. I feel like I’m cheating the system. I listen to audiobooks because of my long commute every day and my job. It’s hard to have time with a book…I love reading but I have to listen now for the most part. I probably average 15-20 a year…I’ll squeeze in a real book once in a while.


      1. No I haven’t read that one. Right now I’m on a Jann Wenner bio…I can’t stand him but the anecdotes about other stars are good.

        I don’t know as much about Pink Floyd so I might put that one on my list.


      2. That is pretty long. The audio version would go easier….I might put that in my q…

        The best audio book I listened was IT…Stephen King…I got it around 4 years ago. Fantastic in the audio version. I rarely if ever get fiction.


  3. I set my GR challenge to just 50, because I love tracking my books but I don’t want the added pressure. It might sound like it defeats the purpose of challenging myself, but it really works for me. I love the thought of intentional reading! I don’t have a strict list of books to read but I do have a general sense of wanting to read more poetry and nonfiction. It’s really important to read not just for the entertainment of it. We could learn so much from a lot of sources.


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