Finding THE song to start a birthday weekend…

For an epic birthday weekend, you need an epic song to kick things off.

Gold Coast resident and local musician, Muky, is celebrating a bit of a milestone today.

I thought about it long and hard, looked on youtube, wracked my brains, asked around, checked all my playlists….. I needed a certain level of over-the-top epic-ness……

Here’s the checklist I used. The song and video MUST have:

  1. A waterfall
  2. A dove
  3. Long, flowing rock hair
  4. Unfeasibly wide guitar stances
  5. Live footage of the band playing on a colossal sandstone plateau within a forested canyon
  6. Ancient underground caves
  7. Some sort of lightening explosion
  8. Guitarists playing back-to-back guitar harmony lines
  9. A searing white-hot guitar solo captured in panorama from a helicopter
  10. Feather adornments if at all possible

As I went through the shortlist of songs, it proved hard to check off any of my prepared list items …until… finally I found it….the perfect song.

Well not exactly perfect, there’s no dove for one, and the lyrics don’t quite capture the occasion, but it scored 9/10 on the list above and the song delivers ‘epic’ like no other.

Happy Birthday Muky!

8 thoughts on “Finding THE song to start a birthday weekend…

  1. Oh wow you have certainly nailed the ingredients for the perfect epic 80’s hair song. Here are some more to enjoy.

    I spent my childhood with eyes peeled to MTV clearly 🙂 At the risk of sounding like a disagreeable old fart, what the hell happened to music? Where have all the epic mountain top pop songs gone?

    Dragon – Young Years

    Bon Jovi – Blaze of Glory

    Simple Minds – Alive and Kicking

    Guns and Roses – November Rain

    And this one where the meme was taken to the ultimate meta level


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    1. And darkness, the band I posted, is a 70s throwback for sure but that track was released in 2004 I think! It’s a pity we don’t see mountain top, helicopter epics these days though given time they’ll swing back into fashion


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