Benefits of Sauna: Part 2

Following on from yesterday I saved the best for last.

This research really makes the sauna an irresistible part of any healthful lifestyle.

A 20-year study on sauna use was carried out in Finland. The scientists took 2315 middle-aged men and tracked their sauna use. These men would have come to the study with a variety of health profiles but the scientists seem to have you thought of everything:

“Cox multivariable models were adjusted for age, BMI, systolic blood pressure, serum low-density lipoprotein cholesterol level, smoking, alcohol consumption, previous myocardial infarction, type 2 diabetes mellitus, cardiorespiratory fitness, resting heart rate, physical activity, and socioeconomic status.”

The sauna was at a temperature of 79℃ for a duration of at least 20 minutes.

So what were the results after 20 years? Get ready…

The scientists found that using the sauna 2­ to 3 times per week was associated with 24% lower all­-cause mortality

Men who used the sauna 4-­7 times per week had a 40% lower all­-cause mortality

So, if you sauna for more than 4 times a week, you have a 40% less chance of dying, from anything!

I’m all for staying alive, so this single fact might be enough to get me in the sauna even without the many more noticeable benefits described yesterday.

If you’re brave, here is the full study that was published in the Journal of Internal Medicine JAMA in 2015.

Association Between Sauna Bathing and Fatal Cardiovascular and All-Cause Mortality Events

Lots and lots of detail (too much, arghh!) but interesting to see how positive sauna is to heart health. Incidence of fatal cardiovascular disease was 50% lower for men who used the sauna 4 to 7 times a week compared with men who just used the sauna once per week. This really is quite incredible and no doubt reflected in the all-cause mortality above.
Having Saunas protects you heart and makes you live longer

What else do you need to know!


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