Sleep tip No. 3: Blue Light Filter

The Suprachiasmatic nucleus (pronounced Soo-pra-kai-as-MAT-ik) is a tiny part of the brain just behind your eyes. (If you can remember this name and manage to bring it up in conversation you will impress absolutely anybody, anywhere!)

One of it’s jobs is to regulate our body clock which it does through the quality of the light it senses. Blue has the highest or ‘coolest’ colour temperature and is most associated with sunlight. Below you can also see why the ‘warm’ light of a candle is so relaxing:


And as I wrote yesterday, digital devices produce high amounts of blue light, which is why we need to limit our screen time the closer we get to sleep.

If you still need to use your phone at night, as we often do, here’s another sleep tip.

It’s an app called ‘Twilight’, available free on android and IOS:

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 10.27.15 PM.png

The marketing says the app will give you an hour extra sleep a night – which might be overly optimistic but any improvement in sleep as definitely worthwhile.

After download there is a short tutorial and then you are taken to this:

I just left everything at the default ‘SUN’ setting and my phone immediately improved. The screen is more relaxing to look at and it will hopefully adapt to the sunrise/sunset times of my location. I only downloaded it today so let’s see if blue light returns to my mobile tomorrow morning (Edit: yes it did).

If you have a new phone, you might want to check to see if you have some sort of adaptive filter already installed but if not, please try ‘Twilight’ and share any positive feedback.

More sleep tips as they come to hand!

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