Sleep Tip No.1: Silicone Earplugs

I finished the wonderful ‘Why we sleep?’ recently and since then have been doing everything possible to improve my sleep. For more info on the book have a look here.

So, one of the things we need to sleep well is quiet.

Unfortunately though, apartment life in Hong Kong can be noisy as 24/7 traffic and random noises continue through the night. After reading the book, I realised I was regularly being woken by these sounds so off I went to get some earplugs.

I have tried foam earplugs in the past without much luck but I went ahead and bought some different brands to try. Both types were difficult and time consuming to fit properly and they made movement uncomfortable.

So with two packs in the rubbish I headed out to Watson’s the next day, where a helpful lady introduced me to my new best friend: Bodyguard Silicone Earplugs!

These funny little blue things are fully mouldable and hold their shape brilliantly.

They have a low profile and do not move at all. You do have to put them in gently as they can form a brutal vacuum. I had been battling with the foam plugs so was a big heavy handed at first – so take it easy.

Our health and wellness depends on the quality of the sleep and these will improve the quality of your sleep.

If you sleep by yourself, live in the country or never wake up at night then you’re golden, but everyone else might be surprised by the way these little guys enhance your sleep.

You’re welcome!

7 thoughts on “Sleep Tip No.1: Silicone Earplugs

  1. Your title is tip 1, will you have a tip 2 post. I’d like to know more about how to sleeo tightly and easily also. Sometimes it is hard to fall asleep even when I am tired. Maybe I keep thinking. My brain can’t stop. But when I tell myself that I have to sleep, what is appearing in my head is just coming more and more. Some songs are playing in my brain, somethings happened before came out…a lot

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    1. Lots and lots people share this problem I think. Me included but I get to sleep easily and wake up too often. The book I read was very helpful but had more information on the workings of sleep more than ‘how to’ sleep. He did have some good tips though and I’ll share soon. Maybe today.


  2. Funny, I have been having the same issue lately- though the sound that usually wakes me is emanating from my wife! I use my apple watch alarm to wake up, as it has a nice, gentle alarm. Do you have any issues with getting up in time? I awake at 4:30am, so I really need to not sleep in. Thanks!


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