Seth Godin’s roadmap to blogging…

I have been getting Seth Godin’s daily blog for the last couple of years. Though his main focus is business and marketing his ideas have broad application and he’s particularly inspirational in education.

Today he wrote again about the “extraordinarily useful habit” of blogging. Describing it as “a habit that produces magic…even if no one reads it”!

So, it’s the first 1,000 posts that are the most difficult. Hmmm…and here’s me thinking that the first 50 were a challenge, but no, it’s the first 1,000. OK then. Seth really has a way of resetting your assumptions and nudging you towards positive challenge, doesn’t he?

In the full post below, he mentions five other bloggers and one ‘Gabe the Bassist’ ( no doubt the inspiration for Seth’s own post gabethebassplayer/blog-post-one-thousand ) has a super music related blog which I am now also following. You might want to check that one out as well.

Without further ado, here’s Seth:

The first 1,000 are the most difficult

For years, I’ve been explaining to people that daily blogging is an extraordinarily useful habit. Even if no one reads your blog, the act of writing it is clarifying, motivating and (eventually) fun.

A collection of daily bloggers I follow have passed 1,000 posts (it only takes three years or so…). Fortunately, there are thousands of generous folks who have been posting their non-commercial blogs regularly, and it’s a habit that produces magic.

SashaGabe, FredBernadette and Rohan add value to their readers every day, and I’m lucky to be able to read them. (I’m leaving many out, sorry!) You’ll probably get something out of reading the work of these generous folks, which is a fabulous side effect, one that pays huge dividends to masses of strangers, which is part of the magic of digital connection.

What I’ve found is this–after people get to posting #200 or beyond, they uniformly report that they’re glad they did it. Give it a try for three or four months and see what happens…


5 thoughts on “Seth Godin’s roadmap to blogging…

  1. From the Gabe the Bassist:

    “I can tell you from experience, that is the power of a thousand blog posts. 

    Showing up everyday to contribute, connect, challenge, care about and care for…that changes me. Certainly not to perfection, but certainly in the right direction.

    So I’m going to keep going.”


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