4 Benefits of blogging for 5o days

I started this blog a couple of months ago in the hope of developing a daily writing habit. I committed to writing 50 consecutive posts, to see if the practice of actual daily writing is worthwhile or not.

Yesterday, 13,446 words later, I posted my 50th post: Book Review: Why we sleep? Dr Matthew Walker

So has this been a worthwhile enterprise?

Deciding how we use the time we have left is the biggest life choice we face. Everyone is ‘busy’ and many things seem worthwhile so regularly reflecting on our choices is important. My own experience with blogging has been overwhelmingly (and surprisingly) positive- to the point that I now see it as one of the most valuable things I do.

After 50 days of blogging, I’ve noticed benefits in:

1. Writing: Not a big surprise here but I do write faster now. I seem to get into the flow of writing quicker which has led to longer posts. I am not sure whether longer posts are a good thing, but getting ideas down fast is practical and useful. Can’t really comment on the quality of the writing but perhaps it’s more consistent. I still need to edit a few times but that’s getting faster too.

2. Thinking: Blogging has sharpened how I see events and issues. I have also noticed an improvement in the way my ideas develop with structure and sequence tending to come a little faster. I find that imagining a possible audience, with varied points of view, has an interesting way of improving your own understanding and explanations.

3. Organising: I tend that I organise my time better now. Fixing time in the morning to write produces a natural organising effect on my day. Publishing a post in the morning is a small win to start the day and generates forward momentum which in turn encourages further productivity. Also, looking back through a collection of posts makes you sensitive to the power of consistent effort over time. (I’ll highlight that, because it’s a standout realisation for me.)

4. Observing: I feel I now observe things with a slightly broader focus. In the process of looking for topics I have found some interesting websites and resources that were outside my normal range of interest. I am also more open to something potentially being of interest, and maybe a little less quick to judge its merits.

Your own experiences will no doubt vary, but to answer my own question on whether blogging (even to no audience!) is a worthwhile way to invest your time, the answer for me is YES.


4 thoughts on “4 Benefits of blogging for 5o days

  1. I love this deconstruction of the process of blogging. In the process of putting my blog together over the past six years I have thought broadly and then made it super eclectic so that I don’t ever run out of things to say. The world is full of so many endless topics and interesting ideas that it can be so enriching to keep a blog and great for keeping your writing skills sharp. I wouldn’t be concerned about that you have a way of making anything you write about interesting. I really like your blog Jeremy keep going!

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