New Kindle Paperwhite looks absolutely awesome!

My kindle is my favourite piece of technology…so imagine my excitement when I saw this yesterday:

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 12.30.03 PM.png

My kindle is already pretty much perfect and it’s now three generations old. This new model though is lighter, thinner, brighter and has much more memory.

It’s waterproof at a rating of IPX8 which means it can go a couple of meters underwater for 60 mins without being affected. Good for baths and reading in the rain!

It’s got a new improved shatter resistant screen, which is now flush with the body so no sand or dust can get trapped.

Finally, it looks to have bluetooth (bluetooth headphones/speakers) and connectivity to audible (amazon’s audio book company) so you could read, then listen, then read – and everything would sync perfectly. Quite amazing.

Plus, you get 6 months membership to Amazon unlimited which would normally cost $60 USD…….all this, for only $130 USD. I would love to work in sales for these guys. This is easiest product to sell in the known universe!

I use my kindle paperwhite multiple times a day and love it, but this….! What an update!  My kindle is turning pages a little slower than it used to (really?) so it’s time for an upgrade. Delivery starts on November 7th… exciting!



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