iPad Tutorial: Adding text to Procreate with Typorama!

Procreate is absolutely awesome, it’s the best drawing app that I’ve seen for the iPad. So yesterday, when I was making a little poster on Procreate I was surprised to find that it doesn’t support text. How strange. I searched round for a workaround and found one – an app called typorama. It’s free, but if you buy it, the watermark is removed and you get more fonts. I like it a lot so ended up buying it.

So back to my Procreate project. It was just a graphic I found with a  background I added that (nearly!) matched the blue.

IMG_0019.PNG.PNGI wanted to put some text in…so I went out to typorama. Typed in my text, then went through the options on the bottom of the screen (TIP: each option has about 6 different variations, so keep tapping and they will keep changing). Once you’ve got some text you like, press ‘OK, SHARE!’ up in the top right corner.


Then just save the file to your photo gallery.


Next go back to Procreate, and create a new layer for the text, and import the photo.


Boom! The photo will appear on the project (if you can’t see it make sure the layer is above the graphic and background) If you are using the free version of typorama you can use the eraser tool in procreate to delete the watermark.


You can then use the arrow tool to move the text around and change the size.

To make this easier, I put the three different lines of text I made later, on different layers within Procreate. I named them as well, so I could see which text I was working with (they highlight blue).


Obviously it would be easier if Procreate had a text tool, but this method worked great. Typorama is simple to use and gives you quick results.

Here’s the final graphic:


Hope this helps somebody, somewhere!


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