Book 2: The Wild Robot Escapes

Roz the robot is back!

I thought the first Wild Robot was a great kid’s book and I couldn’t resist finding out how the story ends. Enter the ‘The Wild Robot Escapes’ – Peter Brown’s follow up to his best selling debut.

The story starts in the back of delivery truck, racing through the city. Roz has been repaired and is packed away in a box heading towards her new home…but… will she remember anything of her old life? Or have her memories been erased? Will she ever see her friends again? Or will she live out the rest of her life working long hours for people she never sees? So many questions…the answers to which will be revealed, when you read The Wild Robot Escapes! Sorry, can’t tell you more without spoiling the story, but I can tell you it’s another fun read. Recommended!

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