Traditional Chinese Music: The Guqin

The guqin is a revered Chinese seven-stringed instrument with a history going back 3,000 years.

It was one of the Four Arts of Ancient China that any leaned person had to master – the others being Qi (the board game), calligraphy and Chinese painting. Academics, Monks and ladies of high standing were often judged on their accomplishments in each of these disciplines.

Guqin music is like no other music and the new listener needs time to adapt to the way that space and silence blend into the performance. I love the stillness and expressive quality of the music and find it really relaxing.

As of this week, Gold Coast resident and Chinese music enthusiast, Muky, is carrying on the rich tradition. The guqin is now the centre piece in the living room – giving the frangipani tree some company and good vibes.


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