Breaking news: Frangipani one step closer to life

I had planned to continue writing on Hormetic Stress as a way to health again today until I saw this!

Loyal readers will fondly remember this brave frangipani described here Frangipani tree saved? Today it was successfully moved back to soil in a skilled operation. Gold coast resident and gardening expert Muky, took the upmost care preparing and drying the branch end over the past few days to ensure that the roots will come through healthy and strong.

When questioned about the transplantation process, Muky seemed optimistic about the chances of new roots coming through but admits the tree is not settled yet, “this frangipani has been through a lot… but I’m hopeful it will adapt to its new home, and flourish once more.” We all have our fingers crossed for a good outcome!

Stay tuned for more updates on this heart-warming story.

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