Get better at everything: Coursera’s Learning How to Learn

I remember reading somewhere that this is the most popular course on the internet.

It ranks number 1 on most lists comparing online courses and lots of well-known, influential people have highly recommended it. On Coursera (the online learning platform) it’s scored 4.8/5 from 37,720 ratings. People of all ages report how the course has improved their lives and made learning easier.


I finished the course earlier in the year. It discusses different modes of thinking, memory and sleep, ways to tackle procrastination, how to study and retain information – basically how to learn better. The course content is presented in short, interesting videos that have multi-choice quizzes to check your understanding.

I absolutely loved this course. It should be compulsory for every secondary student everywhere. It presents tips and tricks that are not taught in school and can be used every single day. 

The most amazing thing about this course is the fact that it’s FREE.

Click here to see the course and enrol.  You won’t regret it!

4 thoughts on “Get better at everything: Coursera’s Learning How to Learn

  1. Hi Jeremy, thanks for popping by my blog. I viewed Dr Barbara’s learning to learn YouTube series. Is it the same? I visited coursera so I just need to sign up and it will give me the course materials to view? Am interested to do this. But I wonder how long it takes if it is the free course. Thanks for recommending!

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