Frangipani tree saved?

The trees of Hong Kong were severely battered during the recent typhoon. So as Hong Kong continues to clean up the branches of broken and dead trees from its roads – here’s a little tree story to cheer you up.

Gold Coast resident and gardening expert, Muky, has done something quite unbelievable. The morning after the typhoon she found a branch from a shattered frangipani tree and rushed it back home.

Using specialist plant knowhow and gentle hands she lovingly placed the branch in water, and through the past 3 weeks has been tending to it with watchful eyes – sawing the bottom off several times and vigilantly changing the water.

Could all this typhoon destruction possibly have a happy ending? Could this smashed and broken frangipani tree, a true icon of the tropics, be brought back to life? Is that even possible?? Well… ladies and gentleman, yesterday, I could scarcely believe my own eyes, waking in the morning to behold this…. a miracle!

It lives! It lives! It’s growing again!

Stay tuned for updates on this brave frangipani. Fingers crossed all goes well- it’s certainly getting the best care and supervision money can buy.

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