Today’s run, in pictures!

Beautiful day today. Temperatures are getting cooler here so I headed out for a run at midday. I took my phone to capture the glory!

The starting gate….on your marks….get set….ummm…second floor apartment people, I think your windows are probably going to be OK now….the typhoon isn’t too bad at the moment…..go!~

Got some early traffic on the way to the Gold coast hotel…..arghhh!

Arrived at the beach in record time

Up and over to the second beach…

Up to the road…

Worst part of the run…cars, buses, minibuses, exhaust – traffic, basically

Heading down to the fish market

Quick window shopping

Not sure what this is but it’s definitely dry

Right, so this is exactly the same horse that kids ride in malls. Sensible sign though – ‘safety first, no climbing’ but does that mean that parents can help their kids up?….

Perhaps not – that’s a 4 meter drop to concrete or water. No riding on this kids!

This promenade is fairly new…nobody seems to walk up here though


Lots of plastic styrofoam…well, at least it’s biodegradable and disappears fast….<reads quickly ummm oh, well no. It might take 1,000,000 years to break down completely. Keep up the good work science!

This is longer than I remembered…..

End of promenade 

Turn round to head back and notice a bush fire up on the mountain. Several helicopters trying to put it out. Should check the news on that.

Castle peak beach in fine form…though still officially closed

61m hard at work carrying people to chi lok

Kadoorie beach also closed….which of course is ridiculous…

Love this old building…

Back at the gold coast beach….phew

Live footage: approaching the professional sand castle makers

Nearly at the dolphin….just a little further

Ahhh the magic dolphins!

Some history

Looking back at our apartment on the right

…and a swim….That’s it. The photos aren’t the best – couldn’t even see my screen – but you get the idea.

Nothing better than a run in the sun with some tunes! Try it!

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