Gretsch 6137 morning maintenance

Gretsch guitars are expensive so you’ve got to look after them – especially in Hong Kong, where the hot, humid air slowly destroys and warps the wood. Got up early this morning and organised my equipment:

First took the strings off…

Cleaned the fretboard with lemon oil. Yes lemon, as in the fruit. This fretboard is rosewood so lemon oil is perfect, with other woods you sometimes need different cleaners.

Cleaned some of the metal parts with this metal polish:

Cleaned with body with this, not sure what it is:

Then strung it back with the cleartone strings:

Trimmed the strings back:

Stretched the strings, tuned up and plugged in!

Don’t tell me you can’t tell the difference!

Enjoyable morning.

Update the next day: those cleartone strings say they are 28% louder…. Well, they actually are! Who would have guessed it wasn’t just marketing spin! Don’t know how they do it.

3 thoughts on “Gretsch 6137 morning maintenance

  1. That’s a wonderful looking guitar. What I always wondered about guitars that have what I assume is called a semi-hollow body, how do you clean them inside? I see your guitar has two holes on the body. In my case, as a cat owner, there is no way that cat hairs wouldn’t get into it. Or are these holes not that deep like on an accoustic? I never took a closer look on these or similar guitars, and I know I should. Maybe I give the strings a try, I never tried or hear about them.


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