Running and Vivobarefoot

For a hundred thousand years humans ran without shoes. Everyday we ran long distances barefoot. If you’ve ever tried to run barefoot on firm ground you would have noticed something: you’ll run very differently to how you normally do. This is because of the running shoes you have been wearing all your life. They all have lots of gel cushioning, raised heels, high arches and a thick comfortable sole. This started in the 70s with Nike and every year the shoes to get more and more supportive.

Unfortunately this has changed the way we run and not in a good way.

Each foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints and over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. They evolved to absorb the shock of running but now with so much support our feet have grown weak.

We can do something about this though. Over the past year I have retrained myself to run on the front of my foot and two weeks ago I bought a new pair of runners from a company called vivobarefoot.

These shoes have thin, flat soles… If you haven’t had shoes like these before, they’d shock you when you put them on. The sole is only about 15mm so it’s almost like not wearing shoes. They strengthen your foot and reconnect you with the ground. They take time to adapt to, so if you get some, go easy!

Introducing the vivobarefoot Primus trail running shoes!

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