Rat Hepatitis Moves to Humans…(*gulp*)

Hold on to your hats and take a seat, Friday’s news is in, and… it’s not good.

Yesterday a 55 year-old man was diagnosed with Rat Hepatitis E, a strain of the disease that until this week was only thought to infect rats. Somehow the disease has spread to humans. Apparently the man has a rat infestation under his apartment (try not to picture this in your mind..) and scientists think they might have infected the water supply of the building. The man is being treated and looks to be OK, but Hepatitis can be serious. The kicker here is the deeply unsettling prospect of being infected by the strain of a disease from…rats. Like a bad science fiction film come true.

Still, as long as symptoms don’t include excessive body hair and attraction to cheese I think we’ll be OK. And look on the bright side, some rats are super cute, just look at this little guy! He’s got his own little teddy bear…awwww. Adorable!


That’s feel good Friday for another week! Have a good weekend.

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