The most beautiful chess game in history?

Ohhh…. what an absolute treat this one is.

I have been looking through some older games of chess and came upon the ‘Opera Game’ of 1858. It’s famous but I’ve never spent too much time studying chess matches so I hadn’t seen it before. Paul Morphy, America’s best player at the time, played this match against two Europeans – Duke Karl of Brunswick and Count Isouard in Paris during the performance of the opera ‘Norma’. Apparently the Duke was criticised afterwards by others who were trying to enjoy the opera!

The match unfolds in the most beautiful way. Morphy develops his pieces aggressively at the expense of material and builds an irresistible attack ending in a brilliant queen sacrifice. The final mate is beautifully simple but hard to find from even 3 moves out.

Watch the ‘Opera Game’ GIF below. Certainly one of the most delightful games I’ve had the pleasure to find.

For the full authentic experience you’ll be wanting to have ‘Norma’ running in the background….so here you are, I have it for you starting from the perfect place about 2 minutes in. You’re welcome, enjoy! What a match!

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