Shekou, China – the perfect overnight trip from Hong Kong

Just got back from Shekou- it took about an hour from hotel to home. That included clearing customs on both sides. From where we are on the Gold Coast, that is about the time it takes to get to Causeway Bay so it’s an easy trip.

Shekou is a designated free trade zone and while I don’t know exactly what that means in Chinese terms, the place looks to have attracted lots of investment. You can see that serious money has been spent developing the area around sea world for example. It’s really quite stunning. The restaurants are better value than Hong Kong and there’s a vibrant international energy to the place that you do not find in Tuen Mun. There’s live music, light shows, illuminated buildings, modern art displays, music festivals and a landlocked 14,000 tonne ferry/bar/hotel that mysteriously sits amongst it all.

If you’re looking for a somewhere to stay In Shekou and you’re on a budget try Ranz Seaworld at about $400 HKD a night. It’s well-positioned and modern though some guests were heard complaining of ‘soundproofing’ when we visited to have a look at a room. Still it’s seems good value even with the price of earplugs added in.

If you’re looking for luxury go straight to the Hilton Nanshan. We’ve stayed in the newly built Nanhai wing which is surrounded by nature. It has the best gym and sauna I’ve seen and a late checkout that makes you think you might be able to stay another night without anyone noticing. Beds are like clouds and hotel staff seem to like their jobs. If I was writing a novel this is the hotel I’d come to – peaceful, serene, spacious and deeply relaxing. Bit more expensive than the Ranz but you won’t need earplugs – the only thing you’ll hear is your own breathing, and occasional birdsong. What could be better?

First three pics (including piano in a pool) from the main part of the Hilton… Last three from area surrounding Nanhai wing

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