Hard at work in the aloe vera forest

On the top of our apartment we have a large rooftop terrace. I use it for Tai Chi in the mornings but we also have a fantastic aloe vera ‘forest’ up there. There’s about 10 plants there and half of them are pretty big. We’ve also got three or four inside the house – which the plants themselves seem to much prefer.

Anyway they grow fast and produce smaller plants all the time so today I took affirmative action and repotted a few of them, gave them new soil and separated the little guys.

Then with expert gardening fingers I put the baby aloe vera in their temporary little pot/house. They seemed to enjoy the ride. There’s about 10 of them. I considered repotting all the big ones as well but that would have taken ages, and I also would have needed about a dozen more pots for the little ones – some of which are actually quite big. Oh well that’s a good job for Muky, she loves gardening! Apart from the sun burn and the scorching temperature, it was a great afternoon.

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