Reflecting as Typhoon Mangkhut approaches

Typhoon fever has hit Hong Kong and every man, woman and child is making preparations. Residents are quickly putting up paper-thin tape to protect their houses and buying as much food and water as possible in case they need to last one day without the local supermarket.

I was looking for an update just now, and started reading an article in the NY Times (here). It leads with the headline: Typhoon Mangkhut: First Deaths Reported as Storm Churns Through Philippines 

       “By 4 p.m., Mangkhut’s eye had crossed Luzon, the Philippines’ largest island, and was     about 100 miles off its west coast, headed for Hong Kong and southern China,       according to the Philippine weather service.”

Reading through to this point in the third paragraph I stopped. Hang on, I live in Hong Kong! This might not be good…In actual fact the typhoon will most probably slip past us but it made me think.

Sometimes we read tragic news stories from far off places, and in some way they never really connect with us on an emotional level. They are just things, happening somewhere. As the typhoon comes towards Hong Kong though, with the possibility of serious consequences, it seems a good time to remember that the news we read in times like this happens to real people with homes and families. People who are suffering. We can’t do too much about these things most of the time but we can try to be more thoughtful towards people around us and perhaps develop the intention to think of these other people at least as often as we think about ourselves. This was the first thought I had looking through the article…….but…..

….then…….I found a picture of the typhoon……and I had a second thought…

typhoon evil.jpeg

…. it’s……. terrifying!!! Just look at it! It looks like one of the creatures from Alien or a demon unleashed from the underworld come to destroy humankind! Arghhh!!! Drop the tape and run for your lives!!!!





3 thoughts on “Reflecting as Typhoon Mangkhut approaches

  1. I think the typhoon is going to make a huge damage, although I don’t want to go to school on Monday( I want to enjoy my home), but I am still worrying about the terrifying damage! Be prepared everyone!


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