The Apple (non)event 2018…

What a wash out – and to think just yesterday I was excited about it!

All the hype in the world and they delivered what? A phone and a watch. That was it. Ok a couple of phones and a couple of watches but surely they’ve been working on some other stuff!? Yeah, the phones’ screens are a little bigger, the processors a little faster and the cameras a little better but every phone company everywhere is doing that! Where’s the innovation?

I thought they’d taken the ridiculous notch out of the top of the phone when I saw the first pics:

But no… They were just hiding them to make the screens seem normal. Here’s the screens in colour:

Ridiculous. Want to see an HD film on your phone? Can do! But you won’t see all of it! Want to check the picture you just took in full screen. Sure! But let’s cut off a little piece of the picture shall we? This is surely a design flaw that I’m sure wouldn’t have seen the light of day under Steve Jobs. I’d never get a phone with a bit cut out of the screen.

The only slither of light was the new medical functionality of the Apple watch which seems set to save lives. This though doesn’t really impact on the average user. I said yesterday that if they sorted the battery on the watch then I might be interested. Well they haven’t. It’s exactly the same. With the Apple watch you’re stuck with a watch that you have to charge every. single. day. Compare that with my xiaomi super duper watch that last 6 weeks – I don’t even know where my charger is! It just keeps going!

The lack of iPads was pretty disappointing too though rumour has it that they will release them in October. Will they be any good though? I am not holding my breath.

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