New restaurant opens in Chi Lok Fa Yuen

Rainbow cuisine is the new restaurant in town!

It’s small and slightly hard to find but I’ve been here twice now and both times it’s been great. They serve modern European food, which they describe as ‘new England’. I’m not exactly sure what that means but luckily it doesn’t taste like English food which is basically awful.

The daily menu has four or five choices which includes a soup or salad. The food tastes like it has been prepared and cooked by a actual chef who loves food instead of by someone who is operating a microwave oven while checking their phone (no offense Fairwood restaurant – you’re still ok in an emergency!)

Dinner isn’t the cheapest in town but it’s probably the best. The lunch menu also looks good and is more affordable.

The owners are super friendly so why not support a great local business that isn’t part of a faceless corporate chain.

Bon appetite!


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