The story of an eBay disaster

Two Sundays ago I was looking through eBay searching for a guitar I’ve been trying to find for a couple of years.

Within a few minutes I found it. A 2011 Epiphone SG ‘1961’ 50 year anniversary model. This one was in great condition and owned by a guy in Japan . The auction was set to finish in about 12 hours so I made a reminder on my phone and looked forward to the next day.

Now there are certain strategies for trying to win goods on eBay and one of them is called swooping. When you ‘swoop’ on something you wait until the very last minute and then put in your maximum bid so that others don’t have a chance to adjust their own bids. So that was my plan, pretty simple and it usually works.

I woke up Monday morning did some work and waited for 11am to roll around. You can guess the rest… I got distracted, and by the time I looked at the clock and it was already 11:30. Disaster. I had completely missed the auction. I rushed onto eBay hoping at the guitar hadn’t sold, but it had, and at the incredibly low price of $1100 hkd. I was preparing a maximum bid of $3000. Absolute disaster.

Note to self: turn your phone off silent when you need it to make noise. For the haunting image that pains me still, see below…

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