Mahler’s 9th comes to Hong Kong

Classical music fans prepare yourselves for a treat. Mahler’s 9th will be performed in November and it’s heavily discounted at $200 HKD a ticket. That’s seriously cheap so if you normally wouldn’t be interested here’s your chance.

For some background, Mahler was a romantic composer and famous conductor who lived around the start of the 1900s. He’s recognised as one of the leading symphonic composers of all time.

The performance in Hong Kong will be of his 9th Symphony – a piece of music he put off writing for several years for like other
composers at the time, he thought the 9th Symphony was cursed. (Beethoven, Schubert and Bruckner all died soon after writing theirs.) On finishing his 9th Mahler set to work straight away on his 10th symphony – only to die half way through….

The work is often dark and heavy, but there’s light, stillness and beauty here as well.

Sir Simon Rattle gives a short introduction with explanation and some of the music here.

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